WOD 12/20/13

6 rounds for time:

30 chair dips
30 walking lunges

In this workout you are going to do these moves in this order as fast as you can for a total of 6 round. each time you complete 30 chair dips and 30 walking lunges that equals 1 round, you must complete 6.

WOD 12/18/13

for time:
push ups
broad jump

In this workout you are going to do 10 push ups & 1 broad jump then 9 push ups & 2 broad jumps then 8 push ups & 3 broad jumps and so on until you finally complete 1 push up & 10 broad jumps.

WOD 12/16/13

15min emom:

10 burpees

Every minute on the minute you must complete 10 burpees within 60 seconds for a total 15 minutes. Every minute that you cannot complete 10 burpees within the 60 seconds, that will be one minus round. The way you score this workout is if you miss 5 rounds total your final score will be 10.

WOD 12/11/13

for time:

1min plank hold
50 squats
1min hollow body hold
50 squats
1min bottom of squat hold

In this workout you are going to do these movements in this order as fast as you can. The 1min count down only counts when you are in the hold.

WOD 11/29/13

Tabata for reps:

Tabata squats
rest 1 min
Tabata sit-ups
rest 1 min
Tabata push-ups

Tabata stands for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds. the way you score tabata is each round you will start at 1 and get as many reps as you can in the 20 seconds of work. after you have complete 8 rounds you take the round with the lowest reps and that is your score. so if in one round you get 8 but the next you only get 6 then your score is 6. once you have completed all three of the tabata’s take each of the three lowest round of reps and add them together and that will be you final score. good luck.

WOD 11/27/13

12min AMRAP:

30sec hollow body holds
20 lunges(10per side)
10 push ups

In this workout you are going to do as many rounds as possible of 30sec hollow body holds, 20 lunges & 10 push ups in 12 minutes. Each time you complete 30sec hollow body holds, 20 lunges & 10 push ups that equals 1 round. The 30sec hold only count if you are in position, if you come out of the hold the countdown must stop until you resume.

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WOD 11/25/13

Nebfit WOD 11/25/13

3min Amrep: burpees
1min rest
3min Amrep: sit ups
1min rest
3min Amrep: broad jumps

In this workout you are going to do three seprate AMREPs(as many reps as possible.) First is 3min of burpees then 3min of sit ups and then 3min of broad jumps. you will get a 1min rest between each AMREP. post each one of the final rep counts in the comments.