Home WOD 04/04/18

Nebfit Home WOD 04/04/18

For quality:

6x800m run
*after each 800m run you must get as recovered as possible before you start your next 800m. The goal is to stay as consistent with your run times as possible.

Home WOD 03/30/18

Nebfit home WOD 03/30/18
Compare to 9/01/17, 10/21/16, 09/18/15, 02/16/15

For Time:
1:30 plank hold
20 flutter kicks L+R=1
25 sit-ups
30 v-ups
25 sit-ups
20 flutter kick L+R=1
1:30 plank hold

In this workout you are going to do these moves in this order for time.